Assessor Training (AT)


Assessor Training

Course Level: All Level


About Course

Assessor Training module is one of the compliance training program required by BQA to capacities Trainers, Assessors and Moderator so that they can seek Accreditation as assessors with BQA for Quality assurance of assessments. Assessment is the process of evaluating an individual’s attainment of knowledge, understanding and skills by determining the learners’ achievement of learning outcomes through fairness, validity, reliability and consistency of assessments.

BQA established a policy that aligns with the BQA act 24 of 2013 act of parliament that all assessors and moderators must be accredited with BQA for quality assurance Management. There is also a great demand of local assessors and moderators to be part of BQA Expert database in validating the new Qualification under the NCQF framework.

This noncredit bearing program will ensure that all the requirements needed by BQA are achieved as well as enhancing competence of trainers and assessors in facilitating learning and development efficiently through quality assessment standards.

Course Benefits

  • Acquire the most updated information on BQA regulation changes to date and future
  • Be able to process accreditation documents for training programs and ETP
  • Be able to easily submit all types of documents to BQA online for accreditation purposes
  • Learn how to establish the characteristics of your learners for correct training methods
  • Learn how to establish effective training methods for both knowledge and skills based learning.
  • Learn how to prepare effective training resources to achieve key SMART learning outcomes
  • Acquire presentation skills through PowerPoint and Ms excel program
  • Learn how to set assessment using Key SMART learning outcomes or objectives
  • Learn how to align SMART learning outcome with sufficient portfolio evidence
  • Learn how to prepare effective and efficient lesson/session plan for delivery and management
  • Learn how to establish lesson evaluation for learning outcome performance assessmen
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