Moderator Training (MT)


Moderator Training (MT)

Course Level: All Level


About Course

Moderation is the process of ensuring that assessment practices are valid, consistent and fair, and at the training unit standard or learning outcomes established from assessment.

Moderation systems and processes are part of the quality management system designed to monitor and evaluate assessment carried out by organizations with consent to assess.

Moderation includes any activity that ensures assessor decisions and judgments are fair, valid, consistent, sufficient and authentic; and reduce variations of interpretation of a unit standard (learning outcomes) over time.

This means where more than one assessor is assessing a particular unit standard, interpretation of the standard is consistent among those assessors. All assessors will be involved with moderation at some time.
BQA Require all the moderators of assessment to be accredited by BQA as regulation of compliance by all training institutions (ETPS)

Course Benefits

  • By the end of these training session trainees should be able to:

      1. Identify  Levels of National credit Qualification Framework (NCQF)
      2. Analyse  different levels of the NCQF
      3. Derive characteristics of an Evaluation of Qualification report.
      4. Distinguish Credit Bearing and Non credit Bearing programs
      5. Compare the current NCQF with Previous BNVQF
      6.  Derive BQA online platform for accreditation of assessors
      7. Identify BQA processes of Evaluation and Accreditations
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