Training of Trainers with Moodle Learning Management system


Training of Trainers with Moodle Learning Management system

Course Level: All Level


About Course

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a quick switch worldwide towards online education. By now, teachers are requested to use online learning platforms in their daily work. Moodle is the most famous software application (Learning Management Systems, LMS) to administer and deliver online teaching and support face-to-face teaching with online education. These days, an LMS is typically a cloud-based system that allows the learners to authenticate themselves, register for the course, complete the course, and then take assessments for learning outcomes.

It is designed for users who do not have server or coding skills, and it is a flexible software that easily adapts to most different educational situations. More and more organizations across the globe are adopting learning management systems (LMS) to supplement their learning and training requirements. Compared to traditional classrooms, an LMS offers several advantages. First, learning is not restricted to a classroom with an instructor explaining the course to all students together, irrespective of their learning abilities and capacities to assimilate, retain, and recall. An LMS allows learning at your own pace.

The course will provide participants with all the basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Moodle Learning management system to create and administer their courses and lessons. As a participant, you will learn how to have your Moodle site up and running in a short time with Moodle Cloud, how to navigate within the Moodle interface, how to manage the roster of students enrolled in a course, and how to create modules and different kinds of activities.
Moreover, Moodle strongly supports collaborative learning, and together we will also see how you can use it at best to create online group activities and assessments for your classes.

The course has a very practical approach, and participants will gain a working knowledge of the main features of Moodle, using the platform with their own computer directly throughout the course. Because of this, you are invited to bring your own personal computer, and/or (digital) teaching materials you may use during the course to explore the Moodle environment.
By the end of the course, you will be able to handle the basic features and functions of Moodle and manage your classes in the Moodle platform. You will have acquired many ideas and capacities to simplify your students’ learning process and make online teaching more enjoyable and meaningful to you.

Course Benefits

  • By the end of the training session participants will be able to:
    1. Create courses and modules in Moodle Learning management system
    2. Manage user of the learning management in terms of enrollment and user course management
    3. Add digital content to their course in terms of lectures, discussion, video content, hard outs, slides etc
    4. Create collaborative activities to involve their learners though live platforms like interactive content, zoom or teams platform for live presentations
    5. Design learning paths for self-paced learning
    6. Design assessment type in terms of formative and summative assessment inform of quizzes, tests, assignments, projects, research activities.
    7. Generate course reports in terms of course participation reports, activity reports, activity completion reports etc.
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