Moderator Training (MT)


Moderator Training (MT)

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Last Update 17 July 2022

About Course

Training of program is an intervention for trainers in the vocational (VT) sector for example persons working in vocational training institutions or working places as trainers, tutors, facilitators, mentors, coaches but have no formal training qualifications. This course is intended to fill the skills gaps of such practitioners and qualify them for Full registration with BQA. It is also intended for persons who have little or no experience in training. The main aim is to engage in improving the quality of training in the vocational sector areas.

The other purpose of the TOT is to strengthen the capacity of a team of trainers by applying principles of adult learning, steps to behavior change, and a variety of training Methodologies and facilitation skills; developing learning outcome, designing lesson plans and Presentation skills; using audio-visuals; and practicing training sessions.

There is also a huge skills gap among our trainers and practitioners especially due the current changes being implemented by BQA after the enactment of BQA act no. 24 of 2013 in Parliament. Now we are in 2019 but still institutions are not able to cope with the changes of online accreditation submission and National Credit Qualification Framework (NCQF) changes. Acquiring Training of Trainers (TOT) skills will gives an institution a competitive advantage to cope with this changes of compliance and effectively align themselves theirs strategies set by them.

Course Benefits

By the end of these training session trainees should be able to:

    1. Identify  Levels of National credit Qualification Framework (NCQF)
    2. Analyse  different levels of the NCQF
    3. Derive characteristics of an Evaluation of Qualification report.
    4. Distinguish Credit Bearing and Non credit Bearing programs
    5. Compare the current NCQF with Previous BNVQF
    6.  Derive BQA online platform for accreditation of assessors
    7. Identify BQA processes of Evaluation and Accreditations

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